Building a Tortoise Table Building a Tortoise Table Bare bones 2'x4' table top area, the walls are about 11" high. The whole table stands at about 4' high, good for sitting observation or standing over. The boxed area itself is cabinet grade plywood, only the legs are pressure treated. Screwed together with galvanized deck screws. 166710935 Legs These 4'' x 4'''s should make great legs. 166710936 prepping for stain and finish coat 166710937 more sanding. 166710938 red mahogany minwax stain. 166710939 166710940 2 coats of stain 166710941 166710942 3 coats of Helmsman polyurethane. 166710943 The interior of the table lined with 1/8 plexiglass. 166710944 All edges sealed with silicone. 166710945 The front viewing window only exposing a portion of the table will give the turtles some private areas to be left alone. 166710946 166710947 The floor was raised with cork spacers, giving a nice air cushion between the wood and plexi, very much like an insulated window. This will help with temperature as well as moisture. 166710948 166710949 166710950 166710951 166710952 166710953 166710954 166710955 166710956 166710957 166710958 166710959 166710960 Taking a breather Finding a moment of rest for now.... 166710961