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Insulated glass repairs                                      

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Insulated glass unit (i.g.u.) in windows; also know as double pane or thermal pane glass can be identified by the 2 pieces of glass creating an airspace between the 2 panes. These 2 pieces of glass are sealed together on a spacer, often black or silver in color to make an airtight seal. This 2 pane glass unit is  found in newer style vinyl or aluminum replacement and new construction windows.

Condensation; Many glass units from 10 years and older will show condensation on the glass. Some seals  fail and take in moisture or rain. The sealant used dries out and loses its ability to keep the glass sealed tight and the elements out. When this happens, I replace the insulated glass unit.

  Argon gas? Some glass units have argon gas, while many do not. Argon is not a essential component for the efficiency of an i.g.u. Argon gas does displace the air in the unit, helping maintain insulation by an estimated 20%-30%.  Many argon gas filled units only used the argon gas without an absorbent. When the older seals fail and a leak develops, the argon escapes, leaving the unit open for condensation, water stains and a lack of insulation. In my opinion argon gas in residential glass units has not proven practical in effectiveness or cost. 

  New i.g.u.;  New i.g.u.'s are built using 1/8 thick glass in most residential applications. They are kept dry using a pellet formed desiccant, a silica product very similar to the bags we find in packaging to keep products fresh. This desiccant is loaded into the spacer frame. Small pinholes on the spacer facing the interior allow any moisture to be absorbed through these holes.  The unit is built on new aluminum spacers cut to fit your window. The unit is sealed with a double seal using a very high endurance silicone adhesive. The quality of glass, spacers, sealant, and absorbent has greatly improved in performance in comparison to the beginning of insulated glass units.

 My procedure; If you have a broken insulated window you would like repaired or insulated glass fabricated for other needs, I do provide this service. Call or email to set up an appointment;

I can come to your location, measure your existing broken glass window, and provide a written quote for repairs.

Availability for the initial quote appointment is 1 day to 1 week depending on my existing booked appointments.

Upon approval of my quote, a deposit is required on insulated glass repairs, at which time you will receive receipt for deposit. Payment can be made by cash, check, and credit cards.

If you still have an unbroken piece of glass in place, I leave your existing glass in place until your new i.g.u. is complete and ready for installation. If your glass is broken all the way through then I am able to provide board up service to temporarily close up the opening.

A 2nd appointment is made for the final installation at which time you will be contacted to confirm a time that works in your schedule within my appointment time frames. The payment balance is due at the time of completion.

The wait time for i.g.u. final repairs is approximately 1-3 weeks depending on; the season, weather, your schedule and availability in my appointment calendar with pre-existing customers.Working with glass takes time, safety measures and skill. This is not something that can be rushed.  It is  my goal to complete repairs as soon as possible while upholding quality craftsmanship and safety standards.

Deposits are non-refundable; Glass units are built specifically to fit your existing window. Labor and materials cannot be undone once your glass has been fabricated.

I do not install new windows at this time. When I am fixing an i.g.u., I am fixing the glass inside the window, using the existing window in its entirety.

I am able to build storm windows using insulated glass.

Older windows that were not manufactured with insulated glass can  be converted to hold insulated glass units, maintaining the original look of the windows, while having an improved insulation rating.

  (click for photos of insulated glass)