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Window parts replaced. Refurbish windows.  

Many parts on vinyl windows are replaceable. I can refurbish your older windows to be effecient and functionable again for less than replacing the whole window.  

Window Balances replaced; vinyl double & single hung style windows not closing or not staying up or too heavy to open can often be fixed by replacing broken window balances and or window balance shoes. The window balances sit on the sides of your window and attaches to the sash. Time, wear and tear tends to break down these parts and wear out the tension springs. I can match your original parts with replacements. This process requires some measuring on site, ordering parts and installing on site at a later date.

 (click here for photos of window balances and parts)

Counter weights; Older style wood sashes often have broken sash cords and can be fixed. Often the pulleys have been painted over and get jammed; ropes and chains get disconnected from the window as well. This is a problem I can repair and make your antique wood windows work properly.

Tilt Latches; plastic latch on top of window sashes that allow the window to tilt out for cleaning and repairs. Many replacement styles available.

Locks; window locks break over time and normal use, most of these can be replaced.

Weatherseals; felt, rubber and seals on windows can be matched and replaced keeping the drafts out and sealing your windows. 

Miscellaneous parts; there have been many window manufacturers with many types of windows, often all taking different types of parts. I have numerous resources and suppliers to match these parts and replace them. While not all parts can be replaced, we will attempt to find a solution for you.